BPM is not Software Engineering

A lot of the confusion and difficulty in the BPM community is because some people think that BPM is a kind of Software Engineering.

Update: Please reference the post: One Common Definition for BPM where BPM is clearly a practice of a manager who assesses and improves the process for an organizational unit.  It is not the development of the application that support activity.  This post originally written in 2008, we find that even in 2014 there is still confusion on this point. Continue reading

BPMN is still useful for small businesses

I received by email a couple questions today, repeated below with my answers.

I am an independent software developer turned architect / business analyst. Over the last year or so I have found quite a bit of work by going into businesses and explaining them how their own internal processes work (through made up flowcharts and long winded explanations).

Question 1: Do you think the BPMN is overkill for documenting a small businesses BP? Continue reading