Case Management: Contrasting Production vs. Adaptive

While participating in discussions of case management, and while reviewing the submissions to the ACM Excellence Awards, I see two distinct approaches to case management — one approach called Adaptive Case Management (ACM), and a different approach which meets an entirely different need which we should call Production Case Management (PCM). This is an excerpt from the new book summarizing the winners of this year’s ACM Excellence Awards.  This chapter explains the difference, and how these fit into a spectrum of process technologies.

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Steve White on BPMN at BPM2012

Steve White gave a keynote speech at the BPM2012 conference this morning on the history and development of BPMN.  He has been the driving force for BPMN from the beginning, chairing the development committee for many years, and he is still driving this forward today.  He gave an excellent overview of the origins and development of the notations.  My interest picked up when we started to talk about case management Continue reading

Process Cloud Concept for Case Management

A most interesting talk at BPMN2012 today was about case management, presented by Volker Gruhn on “Managing & Tracing the Traversals of Process Clounds with Templates, Agendas and Artifacts” from a short paper he did with his collegues from Essen: Marian Benner, Matthias Book, Tobias Brückmann, Thomas Richter and Sema Seyhan.  They confirm all the design principles of ACM. Continue reading