Generating Chaos

Imagine, hypothetically, that you are putting together a new book titled “Mastering the Unpredictable“.  Also, imagine that the plan for the book cover design is dashed after the first public trial showing.  Also, hypothetically, it is getting real late and you need a theme for a book cover quickly.  Would you see the similarity between “unpredictable” and “chaos”?  A fractal expresses chaos better than anything else.  There is extremely fine grained chaotic behavior, while at the gross scale things look neat and organized.  This symbolizes the behavior of an organization perfectly. Continue reading

Got iPhone; still have MP3 player

I recently got an iPhone.  Cool piece of hardware and a lovely system design.  I was hoping that finally I could carry a single device for phone and podcasts, but what a disappointment!

There is a particular podcast that I like.  It is about 50 minutes long, and I have a 25 minute commute each direction.  The show appears on the web site about 2pm every day.  Sometime around 4pm I download the podcast Continue reading