To link or not to link

Google assumes that if you make a link to a site, then that is a worthwhile link to remember. Your link is a “vote” in increasing the popularity of that page in the search results. When a page contains false or misleading information, you don’t want to make that page easier to find. That is where DoNotLink comes in. Continue reading

AIIM2102 Dion Hinchcliffe Keynote

Dion Hinchcliffe has been a luminary in the social technology space, however with this talk “Mobility First: New Opportunities” he has shifted into being an evangelist for mobile computing.  For a very good reason: the shift to mobile computing is the most dramatic technology transition in history.  Ever.   What follows are my notes from the talk. Continue reading

Going Solar

A brief diversion from my normal topics on the benefit of solar energy.

I am getting solar panels installed on the house.  I am not the type to always get the latest gadgets. In spite of being firmly ensconced in the high tech industry, I usually am somewhat conservative in my own use.  Good friends installed solar panels two years ago, and I waited to see how that went.    I did the research, and was surprised to find:

Solar panels are the single best low-risk investment option available today.

Continue reading

Got iPhone; still have MP3 player

I recently got an iPhone.  Cool piece of hardware and a lovely system design.  I was hoping that finally I could carry a single device for phone and podcasts, but what a disappointment!

There is a particular podcast that I like.  It is about 50 minutes long, and I have a 25 minute commute each direction.  The show appears on the web site about 2pm every day.  Sometime around 4pm I download the podcast Continue reading