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To link or not to link

Google assumes that if you make a link to a site, then that is a worthwhile link to remember. Your link is a “vote” in increasing the popularity of that page in the search results. When a page contains false … Continue reading

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AIIM2102 Dion Hinchcliffe Keynote

Dion Hinchcliffe has been a luminary in the social technology space, however with this talk “Mobility First: New Opportunities” he has shifted into being an evangelist for mobile computing.  For a very good reason: the shift to mobile computing is … Continue reading

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The Thin Gray Cloud

I encountered a cloud problem this week. A couple of years ago I would have said that I encountered a server hosting problem, but we must be fully buzz-word compliant.  It seems there are two main kinds of clouds, but … Continue reading

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Going Solar

A brief diversion from my normal topics on the benefit of solar energy. I am getting solar panels installed on the house.  I am not the type to always get the latest gadgets. In spite of being firmly ensconced in … Continue reading

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Got iPhone; still have MP3 player

I recently got an iPhone.  Cool piece of hardware and a lovely system design.  I was hoping that finally I could carry a single device for phone and podcasts, but what a disappointment! There is a particular podcast that I … Continue reading

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