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BPMN is Incompatible with ACM

What is the role of two-dimensional process graphing for knowledge workers in Adaptive Case Management (ACM)?  It is a given that an ACM system must support some form of process plan.  This post explores how a knowledge worker might specify … Continue reading

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Thought Experiment on Snippets

Many conversations on Adaptive Case Management follow a similar pattern: start by agreeing that (1) a context to associate all the information for a case is good, (2) there is a need to represent goals, (3) a need to assign … Continue reading

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Structure is in the Eye of the Beholder

Michael Poulin made an excellent post called “Why business process is always structured?” which delves into the question of why people believe that work is predictable when often it is not.  He compares ACM and BPM and the illusion that makes them … Continue reading

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The Checklist Manifesto

Written by Atul Gawande, this book outlines the power that a lowly checklist brings to “get things right”.  The book is certainly an interesting read, but it goes beyond that;  if you study how people work, or are tasked to … Continue reading

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BPM 2010 Keynote

I just sat through the BPM 2010 keynote speech given by Phil Gilbert which I thought was worth a quick note here. He was asked to talk on the future of BPM, but clarified that he would really just focus … Continue reading

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World without BPM

We all struggle with the zillions of different definitions of BPM fostering endless discussions to find the one true meaning for the term.  In one such discussion, Thomas Olbrich, came up with an intriguing idea: what would be different if … Continue reading

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ACM Tweet Jam Summary Part 3 of 3

We held a tweetjam on the subject of Adaptive Case Management (ACM) on July 15.  I have already posted part 1 and part 2.  Here is part 3.

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