Opening Keynote EDOC 2014: Wil van der Aalst

Wil van del Aalst, the foremost expert in workflow and process mining, spoke this morning on the overlap between Data Science and Business Process, and showed how process mining is the super glue between them.  What follows is the notes I made at the event. Continue reading

Misunderstanding “Permalink” will erode your web marketing efforts

I am constantly amaze that there are people, actively engaged in high tech business who regularly and repeatedly shoot their marketing efforts in the foot because they don’t understand the concept of “permalink”.  I am talking about people who are experts in high technology.  Yet they just don’t grok the web.  Don’t let this happen to you. Continue reading

Yes, it really is about the Knowledge Worker

My position paper for the Adaptive Case Management Workshop was to propose that “BPMN is incompatible with ACM.”  I got a lot of flack from the hard core BPM disciples   In spite of clearly stating that ACM is designed for knowledge workers to create their own process plans, many many still believe that there will be a process professional creating plans for others.  I sometimes feel as if I am having the following conversation: Continue reading

ACM Workshop – Last Call

Due to requests, the deadline for submission of a position paper to the “1st International Workshop on ACM and other non-workflow approaches to BPM” has been extended for a week until June 4. Which means you have just a couple more days to submit a proposal for a discussion topic.  Don’t miss out.  Lots of good posts recently about ACM should provide a lot of good ideas for discussion.  Hope to see you in Talinn in September!

Process Analytics Webinar with Sandy Kemsley

I did a web presentation with Sandy Kemsley on the subject of Crossing the Next Frontier of Business Process Management: Introducing Process Intelligence.” The webcast went well, and I really appreciated Sandy’s clear and accurate descriptions of how process mining works.  It also touched on Fujitsu’s new Interstage Process Analytics product.  Access the webcast and related things at the BPM For Agile Enterprise site. Continue reading