Webinar on Automated Process Discovery

I am presenting a webinar today on Automated Process Discovery to the American Society for Quality,  an organization for professionals around Lean, 6 Sigma, and other methods for improving quality.  I will be talking about how Automated Process Discovery can help organization improve quality. Continue reading

Searching for Hours of Operation

I am trying to find on the web the hours that a restaurant is open, and surprisingly this is hard (or impossible) to find on the web.  I am heading out on a hike today, and looking to pick up a sandwich to take along, but I would like to make sure it opens early enough.  Simple web search, right? Continue reading

Social Has No Future (Yet)

This provocative title simply means: In general, social software systems record what is happening now and in the past, but for the most part completely lack any representation of the future. Enterprise Social Software, or Social Business Software, will succeed only if it has some representation of goals or other future activities. Continue reading

Design by Doing vs. Doing by Design

Jim Sinur wrote a couple of interesting blog posts recently mentioning two distinct approached for supporting work processes:

  • Doing by Design is the pre-planned definition of a predictable, routine process as traditional BPM suggests.  It involves a life-cycle that starts with process discovery, process definition, application development, simulation, testing, and ultimately deploying it.  This works if the process is predictable.
  • Design by Doing is an approach that works when the process is not predictable, and can not be written down ahead of time.  Since you can not predict it, you have to elaborate it as you go along.  You design it, as you are doing it.  There is no development life-cycle.  This works on unpredictable emergent process. Continue reading

New Language “IJKLMN” announced

WfMC officially announces today a new modeling, programming, diagramming, and execution language known as IJKLMN.  This language is intended for every possible use and by people in all job functions.

The language is the result of years of research into organizational work.  Non-organizational work is “force times distance”, but organizational work is considerably trickier.  Continue reading

Generating Chaos

Imagine, hypothetically, that you are putting together a new book titled “Mastering the Unpredictable“.  Also, imagine that the plan for the book cover design is dashed after the first public trial showing.  Also, hypothetically, it is getting real late and you need a theme for a book cover quickly.  Would you see the similarity between “unpredictable” and “chaos”?  A fractal expresses chaos better than anything else.  There is extremely fine grained chaotic behavior, while at the gross scale things look neat and organized.  This symbolizes the behavior of an organization perfectly. Continue reading