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Enterprise 2.0 Conf – Notes

A number of really good talks this week at Enterprise 2.0 conference in Santa Clara.  I took notes at a few, and here are my *very* rough summaries.

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Bring Your Own ACM to Work

Yesterday’s post was about workers will use personal clouds to organize their information, their personal devices, for both home and work life.   This is a general trend I am seeing toward personal services in the Internet that represent a given … Continue reading

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Untamed Processes at BPM Forum 2011

Craig Le Clair shared the stage this morning with Steven J Spear (author of the book “Chasing the Rabbit” and new book “The High-Velocity Edge“) to talk about complex business situations and how to support them.

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Social Business Doesn’t Mean What You Think

Just a quick post about an excellent article: “Social Business Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Does, Neither Does Enterprise 2.0” by  Deb Lavoy arguing that these are not technological trends, but rather cultural trends.

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Social BPM – Book Review

The book “Social BPM: Work, Planning and Collaboration Under the Impact of Social Technology” was released in June, and I became more enthusiastic the more I read.  Here is my review of the chapters of this very timely book.

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Web Security vs. Superstition, Part 3

Web site security is a very important issue to me. I find it frustrating sometimes dealing with people who operate based more on superstition and urban legends than on solid principles.  Part 3 is about an experience I had with … Continue reading

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‘Smarting-Up’ the Organization

ACM is about “smarting up” the organization.   When two businesses go into battle, the winner will be the one that can put the “most active brains on the front line”.

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