Hyper-Social Organizations

This is a review of the new book by Francois Gossieaux and Ed Moran called The Hyper-Social Organization; Eclipse Your Competition By Leveraging Social Media.  This is not a technology book, but rather a good explanation of how consumers are changing due to prevalence of social technology, and what companies should do in order to thrive. Continue reading

Social Has No Future (Yet)

This provocative title simply means: In general, social software systems record what is happening now and in the past, but for the most part completely lack any representation of the future. Enterprise Social Software, or Social Business Software, will succeed only if it has some representation of goals or other future activities. Continue reading

Social Network Technology List

I attended a talk last week by Forrester analyst Rob Koplowitz on the subject of “Charting your enterprise social strategy”.  Rob has a disturbing way of appearing very casual while at the same time touching on such a broad range of things clearly implying a considerable depth of understanding.  He presented this list of social software players and his take on where each is going. Continue reading

What if customers ran the process?

Another question from Peter Schoop: “Is the Customer the Boss With Social BPM?” reflecting on the blog post by Doug Mow on “Is the Customer the Boss the Age of Social BPM?”  I thought I would take this to the logical extreme: what if customers ran the processes instead of the vendors? Continue reading